Venturing into the Blogosphere

The idea of starting a blog hardly needs explaining. We all have thoughts, occasionally even profound ones (so we like to think, or at least I do), so why not publish them for the entire world to read and marvel at?

Or so goes the plan.

I have no idea if anyone will read this, but if so, welcome! My name is Alex, I’m British, and I think, and read, quite a lot about international affairs, security, etc, so it was a natural choice of topic. I have a masters degree in the field (International Security and Terrorism, University of Nottingham), which I took as much to indulge my interests as to further my professional standing but also helped to shape and mature my views on complex issues.

International security is a critical concept for anyone to understand in the 21st Century, at least on a basic or general level. The ease of travel, trade and the movement of people, goods and money across countries and continents – ‘globalization’ as it is often termed – means that, like it or not, we all more frequently and interdependently connected than ever before, whether we like it or not. This brings not only benefits in many forms but also the inevitable doppelganger, often in the forms of terrorism, armed conflict and organized crime. I think it’s very important for people to be aware of these issues, to discuss and debate them, and to consider the broader context of any individual event. In short, an important area to address.

That said, I’ll try to keep what I post here less stiff and academic than the papers I wrote as a student – writing should be accessible and convey information in an accurate and engaging way, or so go my beliefs, so I will do my best to stick to that. If I veer occasionally into self-indulgent prose forgive me, but I hope to strike a good balance between accessibility and doing justice to the seriousness of the issues I want to discuss.

I will post things here as I have the time or inclination to write them, and make sure that I think they’re up to scratch. I’ll also post some older pieces that I’ve previously had published on other sites, but I’ll be sure to highlight the date they were written so that their relevance (or lack thereof) to current events is obvious.

Anyway, my first ‘real’ post will follow shortly So, again, welcome, and I hope that this will be as interesting for people to read as it is for me to write.


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